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September 2018

Virtual Reality,

How VR Has Changed the Entire Experience of Mobile Games

Nowadays, all of us are hearing the word called Virtual Reality. As per media reports, it might be a game changing experience for the entire digital medium. To grab the opportunity, now there are several companies launching virtual reality products ranging from headgear to VR-enabled games. In this space, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift headsets are standing at the pole position. Earlier, when these devices were in the market, there were several issues with compatibility, resolution etc. But as time passed by, the display resolution and other stuffs are also increasingly improving. Now, the headsets are supporting 1080 X 1200 display resolution too. And not only that, now one can enjoy high frame rate per second (90 frames per second) using the headset, which helps them explore much more details on the screen.

With this huge improvement, the gaming experience has also changed and now gaming companies are trying to incorporate VR technology into the games as gamers will get a much more realistic feel rather than just viewing it on the screen.

In this phase, both AMD and Nvidia had made clever software tricks, which were designed to let the user experience gaming in much more realistic way. Especially they had incorporated more frames from GPU; AMD called its VR software LiquidVR and Nvidia’s is called VR Works.
As we already discussed, the power of more frame means more graphics and heavy games can be played on this VR-enabled headset.

AMD’s LiquidVR is backed by two or four GPU, which enables the enhancement of performance along with the same Nividia’s VR SLI. It’s already present in the domain, which is backed by SteamVR Performance Test.

So, to grab the attention and get more market share, game developing companies are trying to adopt the new technology. In this league, several games are ready to launch with VR technology.
Lucky’s Tale is one example, which supports Oculus Rift. In this game, there is a character called Mario, which is available in 64 different styles and looks fabulous on the in the 3D platforms. It is one of the fabulous games in the VR games segment. As we know, this game is known for its visuals and so in 3D too all the stuffs are easily replicated.